Introducing the Falcon Sand Plant

Introducing the Falcon Sand Plant

April 21, 2023 |

The Falcon Sand Plant is the newest addition to Eagle Iron Works’ end-to-end washing equipment product line. It was created to offer aggregate producers a sand-washing solution to help them achieve the process they desire in this world of ever-changing deposits and markets. EIW’s Falcon Sand Plant produces in-spec sand that is conveyable, stackable and ready for immediate sale.

The Falcon Sand Plant is suitable for a range of different industries, including aggregates, coal, concrete, frac sand and mining. This new sand washing plant brings high product yield in a compact system that produces a drip-free, easy-to-handle material for your site.


Falcon Sand Plant Features

The Falcon Sand Plant is comprised of a Sump, Hydrocylone(s), Dewatering Screen and Pump. Its heavy-duty design and ease of maintenance make it the ideal wash plant for operations looking to achieve high sand recovery. The Falcon Sand Plant is equipped with a variety of features that make it configurable to each application, including left or right feed orientation and access walkways with six locations for stair placement.

Other features include:

Compact, modular design
The modular design of the Falcon Sand Plant allows for quick and easy setup so that your operation can be up and running as soon as possible. The system is also compact to allow for maximum use of land resources.



Depending on the application, the Falcon Sand Plant can be equipped with one or more Hydrocyclones. Each Hydrocyclone is made of fabricated steel with bonded rubber linings and has a 24” body diameter with a 20° cone. A range of vortex finders along with adjustable apexes (or spigots) add to the configurability of the system. An underflow access platform underneath the Hydrocyclones allows for ease of maintenance.

The Hydrocyclone(s) are also equipped with an overflow elbow (unlined, with grooved connection), electronic inlet pressure gauge and nested cone sections with a raised flange.
The nested cones and spigots allow for ease of operation and modification as needed. This approach allows you to modify the spigot for the flow rate of your particular application.

Dewatering Screen

The Dewatering Screen is powered by two low-HP vibratory motors. It has high-strength friction-grip bolt construction, modular polyurethane screen media and rubber vibration isolation buffers. The Dewatering Screen also consists of optional spray bars to remove excess fines and configurable screen media to meet various duty applications. It comes complete with a feed box, underpan and discharge chute.


The Pump is equipped with standard metal or optional rubber impellers and a drain pipe for emptying the system during cold weather. It also has high wear resistance and the ability to change speeds as required. The Pump features belts, pulleys, guard, motor mounting plate and motor, rubber-lined steel suction pipe, vertical steel discharge pipe and rubber-lined slurry hose.


The 3,400-gallon Sump is configurable for left or right feed orientation and includes an access hatch and mirrored inlet and outlet ports for the ultimate in configurability.

How it works

Material enters the Falcon Sand Plant through the Sump, which can be configured to a left or right orientation. From the Sump, the material is pumped to the Hydrocyclone(s), which classify the sand to meet spec. This in-spec sand is then discharged through the bottom of the Hydrocyclone(s) and onto the Dewatering Screen. The fines along with a majority process water are discharged out the overflow at the top of the Hydrocyclone(s).

The Dewatering Screen then removes excess moisture from the product to produce a drip-free, conveyable, and stackable sand that is ready for immediate sale. The reduced moisture content in the final product improves site housekeeping and results in more efficient use of yard area.

The water and fine material that are removed by the Dewatering Screen are returned to the Sump to be recirculated through the system for maintaining product spec.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Falcon Sand Plant

Can the Falcon Sand Plant be used to produce two products?
The Falcon Sand Plant can be used to create a single drip-free, in-spec sand product.

What is the capacity of the Falcon Sand Plant?
The Falcon Sand Plant is designed to produce up to 300 stph of C-33 concrete sand.

The Falcon Sand Plant rounds out Eagle Iron Works’ line of end-to-end washing equipment, filling a previous gap. The sand washing system consists of a Sump, Pump, Hydrocyclones and a Dewatering Screen on a modular chassis for easy and rapid setup. This allows you to produce a drip-free, in-spec sand that is conveyable, stackable and ready for immediate sale.