Hawk Fines Recovery Plant

EIW’s Hawk Fines Recovery Plant maximizes the recovery of ultra-fine solids from process water in aggregate waste streams.

Part of EIW’s end-to-end washing equipment line, the Hawk Fines Recovery Plant captures fine particles down to 400 mesh from process water in aggregate waste streams and discharges a drip-free solids material that is conveyable and stackable. It can be used alone or as a first step in a larger tailings management system incorporating additional liquid-solid separation equipment.

EIW’s Hawk Fines Recovery Plant offers several benefits. First, it reduces the amount of solids destined for the settling pond. This reduces the frequency that ponds need to be cleaned out, reducing labor and equipment costs.

Second, the fine solids that are recovered from the process water in the waste stream can potentially be sold as a byproduct for pond lining or backfill material, adding an additional revenue source.

Finally, the Hawk Fines Recovery System can be used to prepare the waste stream for water recycling in downstream equipment, such as Thickeners and Filter Presses, which is extremely beneficial in areas where water is scarce or expensive to buy.

How Hawk Fines Recovery Plant Works

The Hawk consists of a Sump, Pump, Hydrocyclones and Dewatering Screen in a modular, compact design. Instead of being sent directly to the settling pond, the waste stream from the aggregate wash plant enters into the Sump of the Hawk Fines Recovery System, from where it is pumped up to the Hydrocyclones. The Hydrocyclones separate the ultra-fine particles and discharge them onto the Dewatering Screen, which removes excess water to generate a drip-free solids material that is stackable and conveyable. A majority of the water and some remaining particles are discharged out the top of the Hydrocyclones. A portion of the overflow is used for sump level control, while the remaining amount is sent to the pond or to additional downstream processing equipment.

Product Features

Compact, modular design

  • Quick setup
  • Small footprint
  • Access walkways with left or right orientation and stair placement in six locations


  • Range of vortex finders
  • Configurable apexes
  • Underflow access platform

Dewatering Screen

  • Configurable media to meet various duty applications


  • Drain for emptying during cold weather
  • High wear resistance
  • Ability to change speeds as required


  • Configurable left or right feed orientation
  • Sump level control via Hydrocyclone overflow