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Log Washers


Product Description

Eagle Iron Works Log Washers are designed specifically for tough, heavy-duty scrubbing applications. With oversized massive paddles, a long tub and heavy-duty construction, Eagle Log Washers remove tough, insoluble plastic clays.

Log Washers are equipped with replaceable wear shoes mounted on steel supports that are submerge arc-welded to thick, high grade, one-piece tubular shafts. Wear shoes provide long-lasting protection to the welded paddle spuds by incorporating a wrap-around design. These wear shoes are massive and built with a corrugated surface that rotates stone particles for total surface area scrubbing. Water can be added to the manifold in the rear of the machine to aid in the removal of foreign materials. Soft soluble clays require more water than tough plastic insoluble clays. The tub overflow depth is controlled by side overflow gates. Film and residual matter from the Log Washer’s product can be removed by a rinsing screen.

Product Features

Eagle Gear Reducer

  • Fabricated steel gear case
  • Heavy-duty design with heat-treated helical gears
  • 100% of the shaft's thrust load carried by the output shafts
  • Compound drive divides load over multiple gears for long service life
  • Oil bath lubrication for maintenance-free operation
  • Drive guards standard

Conveyor Shaft

  • Intermeshing shafts provide maximum rock on rock scrubbing
  • Features thick-walled, one-piece tubular pipe made from high grade steel
  • Paddle mounting spuds and flanged ends are submerged arc welded

Scrubbing Paddles

  • Feature corrugated face for additional scrubbing capabilities
  • “Wrap around” paddle design protects welded mounting spud
  • Massive paddles provide high level of force against soft materials
  • Two and one piece paddles available on most models

Washer Tub

  • Fabricated with thick gauge steel by certified welders
  • Rising current manifold
  • Spherical-roller rear grease bearings
  • Flanged overflow gates control the depth of the water in the tub
  • Gates feature flanged opening for waste water chuting
  • Flanged clean-out ports for maintenance and winterization purposes

Optional Equipment

  • Discharge Chute
  • Safety Cover
  • Pillow Block Rear Bearings

Why Choose EIW Log Washers?

Superior Results

Known for superior scrubbing action

High Levels of Force

Massive paddles provide high level of force against soft materials

Corrugated Face

Feature corrugated face for additional scrubbing capabilities

Made In The USA

American designed, engineered and manufactured in Iowa