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Attrition Mills


Product Description

Eagle Iron Works’ Attrition Mills are designed for high-intensity, grain-on-grain scrubbing. As sand slurry enters the feed cell of the Attrition Mill, turbine blade propellers force the material grains to constantly abrade each other while moving the material from cell to cell within the machine, resulting in a clean, usable material.

Each rubber-lined shaft assembly consists of two turbine blade propellers set at opposite pitch and different degrees of pitch, giving feed material its direction of movement through the machine. A constant feed of material to the Attrition Mill is necessary for the most efficient attrition possible; the rate of discharge from the Attrition Mill is directly dependent upon the feed to the machine.

For the most efficient abrading action, the feed slurry entering the machine should be maintained at 65% to 85% solids. A Fine Material Washer is recommended to follow the discharge of the Attrition Mill for de-sliming purposes.

Product Features

Designed & built at Eagle facilities

Heavy-duty design

Five bladed propellers

Direct drive reducer with oil bath lubrication

All wear surfaces rubber lined

Why Choose EIW Attrition Mills?

Easy Maintenance

Designed to give long service life and ease of maintenance

Made In The USA

American designed, engineered and manufactured in Iowa

Product Reliability

Proven reliability since 1872

Modular Design

Entire drive assembly, cover, shaft and propellers may be removed from the tank as a single unit