Diefenbach Partnership Provides Thickeners and Filter Presses

June 16, 2023

Des Moines, Iowa, June 16, 2023 – We are excited to share that McLanahan Corporation has officially acquired Diefenbach, an Italian manufacturer of filter presses and thickeners based out of Medolago, Italy, making it the newest addition to the McLanahan Family of Companies.

Eagle Iron Works will be partnering with Diefenbach to offer a proven line of Thickeners and Filter Presses to EIW customers who are looking to purchase a complete tailings and water management system from one vendor. As the focus on sustainability and recycling water from industrial processes becomes more and more prominent on a global scale, Diefenbach is a great partner to allow EIW to expand its offerings in this space. With this new partnership, Eagle Iron Works can now offer the complete package of end-to-end washing equipment.

Diefenbach’s range of Thickeners and Filter Presses will help customers recover reusable process water from the waste stream and therefore lessen the burden on ponds, reducing pond size as a result. Customers will be able to order Diefenbach branded Filter Presses and Thickeners through Eagle Iron Works, as well as receive parts, customer service and field service.

Diefenbach has been a leader in liquid-solid separation in a wide range of industries since it was founded in 1907. Today, Diefenbach has sold thousands of filter presses and has gained extensive experience in manufacturing and selling this equipment for the mining and aggregate industries. Diefenbach will continue to operate as an independent brand in the marketplace, focusing on its core industries and markets around the world as well as supporting its customers in these core industries and regions.

“This Diefenbach partnership will give EIW dealers a complete end to end washing equipment line,” said Tim Miller, Business Line Director. “Our customers have voiced the need for equipment that allow them to recover reusable process water and put it back in use for processing and lessen the need for pond space.”

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