KastRock Services represents EIW equipment in Florida

KastRock Services represents EIW equipment in Florida

January 28, 2021 |

Eagle Iron Works has a great network of dealers around the globe that stock, sell and service our equipment. We will spotlight a different dealer and provide information on the equipment they sell and the services they offer, as well as how to contact them for your washing and classifying equipment needs.

KastRock Services became an EIW dealer in 2014, representing EIW’s washing and classifying equipment line in Florida. Over the past six years, they have installed 50 pieces of EIW equipment.

About KastRock Services

Eagle dealer since: 2014

Eagle equipment offered:

  • Attrition Scrubbers
  • Classifying Tanks
  • Coarse Material Washers
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Fine Material Washers
  • Log Washers
  • Pug Mill Mixers
  • Sol-Clay Washers

Number of EIW equipment pieces sold: 50

History of KastRock Services

KastRock Services LLC was established Oct. 1, 2013 and became a full-service company in January 2014. The company’s Lakeland, Fla. location includes an office and warehouse stocked with spare parts, as well as an experienced team of aggregate professionals who are committed to helping their customers with their needs.

Joe Kastner, CEO of KastRock Services, had been an EIW dealer with other companies for more than 35 years. This relationship led to the current EIW/KastRock partnership. KastRock appreciates the quality of EIW equipment and its longevity, as well as the service EIW provides.

Services offered

KastRock Services offers the following EIW equipment:

Attrition Scrubbers

EIW Attrition Scrubbers improve sand quality by removing deleterious material via grain-on-grain scrubbing. They feature twin turbine-blade propellers that move that material through the machine. With two- and four-cell tank options, EIW Attrition Cells ensure a clean, usable material.

Classifying Tanks

EIW’s Water-Scalping Classifying Tanks are ideal for removing silt and excess and water from slurry feeds, making multiple products from a single feed, retaining finer mesh sizes and diverting excess particles from the main product. With a large settling area and the ability to handle gradation swings, EIW Classifying Tanks create a consistent, reliable in-spec product.

Coarse Material Washers

Coarse Material Washers from EIW provide light to moderate scrubbing to remove deleterious materials like soluble clay and dust coatings from gravel and crushed stone feeds. EIW’s Coarse Material Washers feature corrugated paddles to facilitate the scrubbing action and a rising current manifold to float out lightweight material such as twigs, sticks and coals – all to ensure a clean final product.

Dewatering Screens

EIW Dewatering Screens remove excess moisture from a partially dewatered material. Designed to fit under any brand of sand screw, EIW’s Dewatering Screen produces a drip-free product that is conveyable and stackable for quicker sale.

Fine Material Washers

EIW Fine Material Washers are available in the classic model, which features EIW’s well-known heavy-duty gear reducer, and the CONDOR model, which is designed with an off-the-shelf Dodge gear reducer. Both models wash, classify and dewater sand to ensure a clean, in-spec product.

Log Washers

Log Washers from EIW remove tough, insoluble, high-plasticity clays from rock and hard ore feeds. Featuring massive oversized paddles with corrugated surfaces to facilitate total rock-on-rock scrubbing, EIW Log Washers are a rugged and reliable solution for cleaning rock and ore feeds.

Pug Mill Mixers

EIW Pug Mill Mixers provide a thorough blending of materials, whether it be cold-mix or hot-mix asphalt, stabilized base material or reagents in soil remediation projects. EIW’s Pug Mills have also been used in power generation plants for creating flue gas desulfurization byproducts. With spray bars and a flow meter for moisture control, these units provide high-capacity continuous mixing.

Sol-Clay Washers

Sol-Clay Washers from EIW provide medium-duty scrubbing between that of a Coarse Material Washer and Log Washer. They are ideal for removing large quantities of stubborn clays. The heavy-duty design ensures maximum material-on-material scrubbing.

In addition to selling EIW equipment, KastRock Services also provides service and support to help their customers be successful and get the most out of their equipment. With a fully equipped service truck, teamed with experienced service technicians and an additional fully equipped service trailer, KastRock Services is ready to assist with any OEM startup, repairs or maintenance on your Eagle Iron Works equipment. KastRock Services also keeps a healthy stock of OEM spare parts at their facility. A part number and description list is located conveniently on their website to help customers with the ordering process.

The KastRock Services team is comprised of knowledgeable and reliable people with a solid background in the aggregate processing industry. They are available around the clock to help aggregate producers with their needs, be it new equipment, spare parts, equipment inspections and more.

Contact information

For more information on KastRock Services, visit kastrock.com or contact them using the information listed below.

KastRock Services LLC.

2520 McJunkin Rd

Lakeland, FL 33803