Maverick Environmental Equipment Represents EIW in Michigan

Maverick Environmental Equipment Represents EIW in Michigan

November 23, 2020 |

Eagle Iron Works has a great network of dealers around the globe that stock, sell and service our equipment. We will spotlight a different dealer and provide information on the equipment they sell and the services they offer, as well as how to contact them for your washing and classifying equipment needs.

Maverick Environmental Equipment is one of Eagle Iron Works’ newest equipment dealers. Since becoming the official EIW dealer in Michigan in late May 2020, Maverick has already processed many parts orders for customers and has many active proposals in place.

“Maverick appreciates, respects and is proud to represent EIW because of the long history and excellent reputation that Eagle Iron Works has founded in the industry,” Maverick Senior Process Engineer Craig Rautiola shared. “It is part of Maverick’s focus to only partner with the highest quality manufacturers.”

About Maverick Environmental Equipment


  • Michigan

Eagle dealer since: 2020

Eagle equipment offered:

  • Attrition Scrubbers
  • Classifying Tanks
  • Coarse Material Screw Washers (Classic and CONDOR)
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Fine Material Screw Washers (Classic and CONDOR)
  • Log Washers
  • Portable Plants

History of Maverick Environmental Equipment

Maverick Environmental Equipment was founded in 2016 — the evolution of a group that has been dedicated to the equipment industry for more than 20 years. They specialize in environmental applications like aggregate processing, waste recycling, forestry and biomass, with the goal of providing industry leading equipment with service and support that is second to none.

As Maverick looked to expand their offerings to further serve their customers in wet processing, they knew they wanted to partner with an industry leading manufacturer.

“Maverick recognized that wash plants were a major area of growth opportunity for the business, and were already serving operations with crushing, screening and conveying equipment,” Rautiola said. “With the added focus in wash plants, and operating in a state that required the significant use of traditional wash plant equipment (Classifying Tanks, Fine Material Screw Washers, Log Washers), Maverick wanted to partner with the best possible manufacturer for this type of equipment — EIW.”

Services offered

Maverick sells and distributes EIW’s line of washing and classifying equipment throughout the state of Michigan. This includes EIW’s classic line of equipment, such as Classifying Tanks, Fine Material Screw Washers, Coarse Material Screw Washers, Attrition Scrubbers, Log Washers and mobile processing solutions, as well as the new CONDOR line of screw washers and new EIW Dewatering Screen.

Attrition Scrubbers

EIW Attrition Scrubbers provide high-intensity grain-on-grain scrubbing to remove stains and coatings from particles. Available in a standard two-cell or high-capacity four-cell design, these scrubbing machines feature turbine blade propellers that force the material grains to constantly abrade each other.

Classifying Tanks

Classifying Tanks from EIW perform a variety of functions, including removing large volumes of water from feeds, making multiple products from a single feed, removing silt, retaining smaller mesh sizes and diverting excess particles from the main product. Featuring a large settling area that allows for the retention of fine mesh particles, EIW Classifying Tanks smooth out feed fluctuations and can handle gradation swings in the deposit.

“There are a lot of Classifying Tanks in Michigan, due to a couple primary reasons. One, the natural belly of the 30 mesh to 70 mesh in the sand gradation in a lot of deposits needs to be removed to meet most sand specs (concrete sand, mason sand, etc.). Two, the water table in a lot of sandy deposits in Michigan is quite high, so dredging operations are plentiful,” explained Rautiola. “The water-scalping function of Classifying Tanks is another main reason we see a lot of these.”

Coarse Material Screw Washers

EIW Coarse Material Washers scrub deleterious materials like dust coatings and soluble clay from gravel or crushed stone feeds. These machines are available with a single or double screw configuration in various lengths and capacities. Only available from EIW, the CONDOR model features a Dodge gear reducer for a more economic option.

Dewatering Screens

Dewatering Screens, the newest product from EIW, are designed fit under any screw washer to improve the final product dryness, or they can be paired with EIW’s CONDOR Fine Material Washer to create the Eagle+ system. Built to handle high G-forces, EIW Dewatering Screens can lower moisture content to 7-10%, producing a drier product for quicker sale.

Fine Material Screw Washers

EIW Classic Fine Material Washers and CONDOR Fine Material Washers wash, classify and dewater sand. Like the Coarse Material Washers, these sand screws are available with one shaft or two in a range of lengths and capacities.

Log Washers

Log Washers from EIW provide heavy-duty scrubbing of tough, insoluble clays. These machines feature oversized, abrasion-resistant paddles with a corrugated surface that provides total surface area scrubbing.

Portable Plants

EIW Portable Plants consist of EIW’s industry leading equipment housed conveniently on a Department of Transportation approved chassis. They give producers with multiple locations or large sites the ability to transport their wash plant easily around the site or from one location to the next.

In addition to selling EIW processing equipment, Maverick also provides service and support that is second to none. They have a fleet of service trucks, a parts and equipment depot in Michigan and two semi-trucks used for hauling equipment to sites. Their team of skilled technicians are available to perform safety inspections and repair estimates. They also provide shop service, on-site mobile repair, oil and wear analysis, welding, and more.

Contact information

Maverick’s headquarters is centrally located in Alma, Mich., which allows them to provide fast response times for equipment, parts and service. To learn more, visit or contact them via the information provided below.

Michigan Headquarters

6585 N. Jerome Road

Alma, MI 48801