Precision Aggregate Enjoys Long-Lasting, Reliable Service from Eagle Iron Works Screw Washers

Precision Aggregate Products, LLC was established in October 2000 to provide the Mesquite, Nev., area with high-quality construction aggregate products, including concrete sand, road base gravel and various grades of rock, to meet the precise needs of their customers. Since then, Precision Aggregate has grown from their permanent plant in Mesquite to additionally operating several portable plants in Utah, Arizona and other parts of Nevada. These plants supply aggregate material for highway, bridge and other infrastructure projects throughout the three states.


In 2006, Precision Aggregate purchased an Eagle Iron Works 54” single screw Fine Material Washer to include in their wash plant at their Mesquite facility. The sand screw provided Precision Aggregate with “13 years of worry-free production,” according to owner Travis Eaton.

“We have not had one issue with that machine in 13 years,” Eaton said.

Even though the Eagle Fine Material Washer was extremely reliable, Precision Aggregate found they needed to boost their production in order to meet the demands of the Mesquite and Las Vegas marketplaces.

“We just needed more output,” explained Eaton. “Our production level needed to come up to take care of our customers.”


After their experience running the Eagle Iron Works screw with no downtime, as well as with their relationship with both EIW and EIW’s Nevada dealer, ICM Solutions (formerly Wheeler Crushing Systems), Precision Aggregate looked to Eagle for a solution to increase their production.

“The thing we liked about Eagle is, to us, it’s a proven system,” said Eaton. “We knew that we were going to be able to go right to work and continue to produce quality, in-specification material.”

Eagle Iron Works provided Precision Aggregate with a CONDOR 44” double screw Fine Material Washer to help them meet their production targets. The CONDOR Fine Material Washer serves three functions: washing, classifying and dewatering fine aggregate. It can be a single and double screw configuration, depending on capacity requirements.

The CONDOR Fine Material Washer features classic Eagle Iron Works outboard bearings, a rising current classifier and adjustable weirs that are standard among all Eagle screw washers. The difference is that the CONDOR is built with an industry recognized Dodge TA II gear reducer.

“With this new CONDOR plant, everything is on-the-shelf components, so if we do have an issue with something, we’re not waiting weeks, we’re only waiting hours to get the machine back up and running,” Eaton explained.


Since installing the new CONDOR Fine Material Washer, Precision Aggregate has doubled production at their site, allowing them to achieve the goals they set for increasing their output to meet the needs of their customers. Eaton said they are ecstatic with the Eagle CONDOR Fine Material Washer.

“When we turn it on, we know it’s going to work all day. Very little maintenance and very little problems to slow us down on production,” Eaton said.

If Precision Aggregate does run into an issue or has a question, Eaton said Eagle’s parts and technical support has been absolutely terrific.

“It’s personal, and we enjoy that,” he said. “That’s the way we treat our customers, and that’s the way they treat us.”

Eaton added that when they call Eagle Iron Works with questions, those questions are always answered quickly.

“Everything is instantaneous. When you call them, they answer the phone,” he said. “They’ve been in the business long enough they’ve probably run up against anything that we would run up against, so they usually have an answer for us on any questions that would come up. We’re not fumbling through it, we’re not guessing, we have quality people who can answer a technical question right away.”

Even though Precision Aggregate upgraded their Eagle single screw to a CONDOR double Fine Material Washer and the single is currently out of commission, Precision Aggregate plans to use it again in the future.

“It was still functioning fine when we shut it down,” Eaton said. “Our plan is to continue with the single 54” once we get some site grading and infrastructure built around that plant, so that we can put that one back in service because we have not had any issues with Eagle’s performance or service or parts.”

Eaton said that the reliability of the machines is one of the main benefits of working with Eagle Iron Works.

“I would say the biggest advantage to working with Eagle Iron Works is the product itself. It’s rock-solid.” Eaton said. “When it comes out, it’s ready to go to work.”