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Coarse Material Washers


Product Description

Eagle Iron Works’ Coarse Material Washers provide light to moderate scrubbing and washing to remove the soluble clays and dust coatings found in natural and crushed stone applications.

Corrugated paddles cut through the slurrified material, resulting in particle on particle scrubbing that causes coatings to separate from the coarse aggregate. The action of the paddles combined with the rolling and tumbling generated by the rotating spirals releases deleterious materials into the overflowing wastewater. A rising current manifold on each Eagle Coarse Material Washer provides an upward current of water to assist in removing unwanted materials. Light-weight deleterious materials such as twigs, sticks and coals are floated by the rising current of water and the jigging action of the paddles within the tub. They are then removed by the overflowing wastewater. By adding more paddles to the conveying shaft(s), each Coarse Material Washer can be configured to meet the different specific scrubbing needs of various materials. Additional paddles allow material to be retained in the Coarse Material Washer’s tub area for additional scrubbing.

Product Features

Eagle Gear Reducer

  • Heavy-duty design with heat-treated helical gears
  • 100% of the shaft’s thrust load carried by the output shaft(s)
  • Oil bath lubrication for maintenance-free operation
  • Drive guards standard equipment

Conveyor Shaft

  • Extra-thick, one piece shaft tubing
  • Four sets of paddles come standard
  • Paddle and flight sections easily changeable in the field
  • Number of paddles on shaft can be increased to improve scrubbing

Conveyor Shaft Flights

  • Wear shoes cover the full face of spiral
  • Flight segments are mounted to shaft via cast hubs.
  • Heavy-duty cast hubs also provide shaft wear protection

Conveyor Shaft Paddles

  • Feature corrugated face for additional scrubbing capabilities
  • Three bolt fastening system and protective “wrap around” design
  • Paddle segments mounted to shaft via cast hubs
  • Heavy-duty cast hubs also protect shaft from wear

Washer Tub

  • Fabricated with thick gauge steel
  • Close clearance curved plate runs entire length of shaft
  • Adjustable end weir for improving trash removal capabilities
  • Rising current manifold
  • Spherical-roller rear grease bearing(s)
  • High-efficiency electric motor(s)

Optional Equipment

  • Discharge chute
  • Safety covers
  • Pillow-block rear bearing(s)

Why Choose EIW Coarse Material Washers?

Cleaner Production

Rising current curve plate for cleaner sand production

Made In The USA

American designed, engineered and manufactured in Iowa

Product Reliability

Proven reliability since 1872

Heavy-Duty Design

Heavy-duty design lasts over 50 years