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Classifying Tanks

Product Description

Designed to remove large volumes of excess water from feed material, Eagle Water Scalping-Classifying Tanks are typically used in applications such as dredging and pumping and with high silt materials. They smooth out feed fluctuations and are key in removing excess sand particles for a consistent, reliable in-spec product. The Eagle Water Scalping-Classifying Tank has a large settling area, making it easier to retain fine mesh particles and produce secondary and tertiary products such as masonry/mortar, asphalt, golf and other specialty sands.

The Digital DIALSPLIT is the most basic of Eagle Iron Works Sand reblending control options. The primary advantage of this system is that it eliminates the time consuming job of manually adjusting splitter gates on Water Scalping Tank valves, as well as provides calibrated settings.

Each setting station on a tank equipped with DIALSPLIT controls has two, three, or four discharge valves that release material into separate cells of a collecting-blending flume. The valves discharge only after enough sand has accumulated to reach a sensing paddle. When this occurs, the DIALSPLIT control panel determines which valve at that station will open. The dial settings on the DIALSPLIT are determined by the percent of pit gradation required to meet product specifications. Once set, the system will continue to dispense material in the same proportion.

The control is easy to understand and operate. The number of switches per station on the control corresponds to the number of cells in the settling tank: 1 switch for a 2-cell tank; 2 switches for a 3-cell tank; and 3 switches for a 4-cell. Each cell is capable of producing a controlled product, with one cell yielding a residual product. For example, a 3-cell tank would yield 2 controlled products as well as a residual product.

Eagle Water Scalping-Classifying Tanks equipped with DIALSPLIT controls are completely wired and have multiple valves at each discharge station. This facilitates a change to Mark VI controls should production requirements change.

Mark VI Control System Option

Eagle Iron Works’ Mark VI is truly innovative software program for operating your Eagle Water Scalping-Classifying Tank. It is capable of running single or dual tanks with 6 to 11 stations per tank and 2 to 4 valves per station. The Mark VI can run up to 2 metering bins per tank without the tanks being the same. Each tank has its own touch screen along with hydraulic reservoir level, hydraulic pressure, specific gravity sensor, and remote monitoring and controlling. Valve activity is read 3 to 4 times a second to come as close as possible to providing real time data. Utilizing the Mark VI, operators can manually dump valves by simply touching the valve light, which manually bounces the valve up and down to pass rocks through, making maintenance a lot easier. Between 70 to 80 percent of operator information needed is available directly on the screen and with one click that rises to 98 percent. Data can be entered as individual weight, cumulative weight, percent retained, percent passing or percent cumulative retained. The Mark VI can produce up to 5 products simultaneously and can have a number of different sieves with each product. Report generation is very inclusive and can be viewed or controlled remotely from multiple locations.

Mark VI Features:

  • “Stockpile Calibration” to improve product accuracy and simplify the calibration process
  • Can have a different type of specification with each product
  • Predicts product tonnages
  • “F. M. Tracking” to fine tune the product within its specification
  • “Discharge Modulus” to predict the coarseness of the fee
  • Separate calibrations for each product

Product Features

Tub Construction

  • Extra long weirs for maximum product retention
  • Adjustable weirs for out of level conditions

Classifying Tank Stations

  • Heavy-duty, double acting hydraulic cylinders for accurate valve discharging
  • Individual electro-hydraulic valve actuating mechanisms with integral solenoid
  • Hydraulic cylinders feature new seal package for unmatched cylinder life
  • Long-lasting paddle motors with sealed sensing switches
  • Valve and paddle rods feature thick diameter steel
  • Individual components simplify troubleshooting and minimize maintenance costs

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • Robust hydraulic power unit with long service life
  • Vital operating components protected by internal and external filters

Collecting-Blending Flume

  • Designed to prohibit product contamination in high tonnage situations
  • Flume assemblies are standard with abrasion-resistant metal liners

Why Choose EIW Classifying Tanks?

Heavy-Duty Design

Heavy-duty, double-acting hydraulic cylinders for accurate valve discharging

Hydraulic Power

Robust hydraulic power unit with long service life

Industry Leading Design

Benchmark by which all others are judged

Save Money

Lowest operating cost per ton