Why Buy OEM Parts

Why Buy OEM Parts

June 19, 2023 |

When buying genuine parts, you can be assured that they will fit your machine without question. OEM products are going to be a direct substitution of the part that needs to be replaced, which guarantees their function and quality.

Why Buy OEM Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, or OEM parts for short, are spare parts that that are made in the same way as the parts that were originally supplied on your equipment. Although copycat and aftermarket parts are available as replacement options, OEM parts will provide several benefits and be the best fit for your machine.

Why should I buy OEM parts?

When buying genuine parts, you can be assured that they will fit your machine without question. OEM products are going to be a direct substitution of the part that needs to be replaced, which guarantees their function and quality. Because of this, OEM parts can increase the operational life of your equipment as they are manufactured in the same way as the original parts.

Because OEM parts are made by the same company that manufactured your equipment, you will be guaranteed the same level of after-sales support when you purchase their parts as well. With aftermarket parts, the equipment manufacturer will not be able to provide support for the parts that they did not produce.

Are OEM parts the same as the original?

OEM parts are manufactured by the same company as your original machine, to the same specification and using the same materials, so in that sense they are the same as the original parts.

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What are the benefits of buying OEM parts?

Quality assurance is a high priority when you buy genuine parts. Because OEM parts are meant to be a direct replacement, they tend to be more reliable and wear longer. Also, they’ll most likely be in stock to be quickly shipped to your plant.

Manufacturers provide unparalleled knowledge of their equipment and parts. Other parts suppliers hold different standards and cannot guarantee that their parts are structurally compliant.

Another benefit of choosing OEM parts over generic or aftermarket parts is their compatibility with upgrades. Manufacturers will often make changes and improvements to their equipment, and OEM spares will always be compatible with these updates. However, using generic parts comes with the risk that they may become outdated and, as a result, decrease the overall efficiency of your equipment.

What are the alternatives to OEM parts? Are these any good?

Copycat parts and aftermarket parts exist as sometimes-cheaper alternatives to OEM parts; however, these alternative sources don’t always provide the precision fit and quality that are a standard of genuine OEM Parts.

Because copycat and aftermarket parts can’t be guaranteed as direct replacements to the OEM parts in your equipment, this option is not recommended. Not only may fit be an issue with copycat and aftermarket parts, but the manufacturer cannot guarantee the functionality of the machine when copycat or aftermarket parts are used.

Although copycat or aftermarket parts may be more cost effective at the time of the decision, they could end up being more costly to your production in the long run.

What kind of warranty is available with OEM parts?

Most manufacturers will provide a limited warranty from the date of startup or shipment. In many cases, this warranty does not extend to components that are subject to normal wear and tear and need to be replaced as part of routine maintenance. Purchasing parts other than genuine OEM parts may affect the warranty for your machine with most manufacturers.

Do OEM parts last longer?

Because OEM parts are made and work the same way as the components originally supplied, they tend to be more reliable than aftermarket parts, and even last longer. When using aftermarket parts, the product quality is not guaranteed, which could cause issues with your machine if the parts don’t align or fit properly.

Is it better to buy OEM parts?

Because OEM parts are guaranteed to fit your machine and provide the benefits listed above, it is better for your machine and production to buy OEM parts.

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Do EIW dealers carry genuine EIW parts?

Manufacturers and dealers know the effects of unexpected downtime. For this reason, many EIW dealers stock critical OEM parts. The benefit of this is that parts can be delivered more quickly from a local dealer since they are closer to your location.

How do I order OEM parts from EIW?

Contact your Eagle Iron Works dealer to order spare parts for your equipment. To find your local dealer, go to eagleironworks.com and click “Find a Dealer”. For additional information and assistance, you can contact the manufacturer directly.

What information is needed to order OEM spare parts?

The serial number of the equipment and the part number are the most important pieces of information a customer can provide. This allows the dealer or manufacturer to be able to find parts that would be direct replacements to parts on your machine. This also helps to speed up the process of getting the parts you need to get your equipment back up and running.

Should I keep spare parts on hand?

Downtime can be extremely costly, so it is a best practice to keep spare parts that are crucial to operating your machines in stock at your own facility. Having spare parts in stock will help reduce downtime when an unexpected breakdown occurs so that you don’t have to wait for spare parts to be shipped. If you are doing routine maintenance checks during a planned shutdown and find a component that needs to be replaced, you can replace it much more quickly from your spare parts on hand so that you can be back up and running sooner.

For reliable service and continued support, it is best to buy OEM spare parts for your aggregate processing equipment. It is also best practice to keep a supply of OEM spare parts on hand for quick changeouts in the event of unexpected downtime. To order spare parts for your EIW machine, locate the part number and equipment serial number and contact EIW or your local dealer to get started.

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