General Equipment Represents EIW Equipment in North Dakota

General Equipment Represents EIW Equipment in North Dakota

April 29, 2021 |

Eagle Iron Works has a great network of dealers around the globe that stock, sell and service our equipment. We will spotlight a different dealer and provide information on the equipment they sell and the services they offer, as well as how to contact them for your washing and classifying equipment needs.

General Equipment & Supplies, Inc. is Eagle Iron Works’ dealer in North Dakota. They have installed hundreds of pieces of EIW equipment since the company became an EIW dealer in 1984.

About General Equipment

Eagle dealer since: 1984

Eagle equipment offered:

  • Blade Mills
  • Classifying Tanks
  • Coarse Material Washers
  • Fine Material Washers
  • Log Washers
  • Pug Mills
  • Sol-Clay Washers

History of General Equipment

General Equipment was established in 1984, when four former employees of General Diesel bought the assets of the company and started General Equipment & Supplies, Inc. They were all familiar with EIW from their association with General Diesel, so it was a no-brainer to continue to represent the brand when the new company was formed.

Since then, the original founders have retired and turned over the ownership to a new team, which includes the second generation of the original founders. The General Equipment team has grown from 22 employees at one location in Fargo, ND to more than 250 employees across nine locations in the United States and two locations in Canada. They are empowered to live out the company’s core values of Do the Right Thing, Have Passion, Be Innovative and Work Hard. Combining these valves with their core focus of building meaningful relationships by earning trust, asking the right questions and providing creative solutions makes General Equipment & Supplies flexible and easy to work with.

Services Offered

In the United States, General Equipment sells, rents, services and fabricates heavy construction equipment across many industries, including construction, mining, oil exploration and municipal services. They represent several top rolling stock manufacturers and aggregate manufacturers, including Eagle Iron Works.

General Equipment values their relationship with EIW and appreciates the durability of EIW equipment.

“It is no industry secret that EIW prides themselves on their ‘bullet-proof’ gear-box and heavy-duty wash units,” a representative from General Equipment said. “Quite often, we come across ancient EIW wash equipment still in service at customer sites, and customers rarely have a negative word to say about EIW, and they have appreciated the longevity! This has created a significant amount of loyal EIW customers, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re able to offer an additional unit or replacement (which is hard to come by, as they rarely wear out).”

General Equipment sells and services EIW’s line of washing and classifying equipment, which includes:

Blade Mills

Blade Mills from EIW consist of alternating flights and paddles that scour, abrade and break down deleterious material from feeds containing high quantities of soluble silt and clay materials. EIW Blade Mills substantially enhance screening efficiency by breaking down soluble clays into a pre-mixed slurry.

Classifying Tanks

EIW’s Classifying Tanks provide several functions. They can be used to scalp off excess water, remove silts, retain finer mesh sizes, produce multiple products from a single feed and divert excess particles away from the main product. EIW sand tanks are available with an optional Rising Current Classifier for improving classification so producers have greater control over their end product gradations.

Coarse Material Washers

EIW’s Coarse Material Washers remove soluble clays and dust coatings from gravel or crushed stone feeds. They are available in single or double screw configurations, and with EIW’s heavy-duty gear reducer or a standard Dodge gear reducer with EIW’s CONDOR Coarse Material Washer model.

Fine Material Washers

Fine Material Washers from EIW wash, classify and dewater material in one machine. They feature EIW’s well-known, heavy-duty, long-lasting gear reducer as standard, but these sand screws are also available with an off-the-shelf Dodge gear reducer under EIW’s CONDOR line of Fine Material Washers.

Log Washers

EIW’s Log Washers feature massive corrugated paddles on intermeshing shafts to provide maximum rock-on-rock scrubbing. They are used for removing tough, insoluble clays for heavy-duty scrubbing applications. These units also feature EIW’s long-lasting gear reducer.

Pug Mills

EIW’s Pug Mill Mixers, also called Stabilized Base Mixers, provide high-capacity continuous mixing for many applications. They feature hinged inspection ports with safety covers underneath and paddles cast from abrasion-resistant Eagle Armor. Spray bars and a direct reading flow meter for controlling the moisture content of the product are available as an option.

Sol-Clay Washers

Sol-Clay Washers from EIW are ideal for applications that require scrubbing capabilities between that of a Coarse Material Washer and a Log Washer. They feature intermeshing shafts for maximum particle-on-particle scrubbing. Replaceable paddles and a three-bolt fastening system provide easy change-out when necessary.

In addition to equipment sales, General Equipment provides in-house and on-site services. They invest in training for their sales team, parts representatives and technicians and work diligently to ensure they have the proper wears and spares on hand at all times.

Contact Information

General Equipment has four office locations in North Dakota. Visit or contact the location nearest you for more information.


3500 Apple Creek Rd.

Bismarck, ND 58504


Toll Free: 1-800-279-4437


4300 Main Ave.

Fargo, ND 58103


Toll Free: 1-800-437-2924


905 20th Ave. SE

Minot, ND 58701


Toll Free: 1-800-825-0479


4082 2nd Avenue West

Williston, ND 58801