Dealer Spotlight - Old Dominion Equipment and Supply

Dealer Spotlight - Old Dominion Equipment and Supply

December 14, 2020 |

Eagle Iron Works has a great network of dealers around the globe that stock, sell and service our equipment. We will spotlight a different dealer and provide information on the equipment they sell and the services they offer, as well as how to contact them for your washing and classifying equipment needs.

Old Dominion represents EIW equipment in Virginia and West Virginia

Old Dominion Equipment and Supply is a full-service Eagle Iron Works dealer serving the West Virginia and Virginia markets with aggregate washing and classifying equipment. They like EIW equipment because it is American-made, long-lasting and well-known in the industry.

"It's the real deal," said Miller Trevvett, Co-Owner and Sales Manager for Old Dominion Equipment and Supply.

Old Dominion also appreciates the options EIW offers with cost-effective equipment, such as the CONDOR line of screw washers featuring readily available Dodge gear reducers, as well as the classic equipment line of screw washers that feature heavy-duty, long-lasting gearboxes.

About Old Dominion

Eagle dealer since: 2020

Eagle equipment offered:

  • Attrition Scrubbers
  • Classifying Tanks
  • Coarse Material Washers
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Fine Material Washers
  • Log Washers
  • Pug Mill Mixers
  • Sol-Clay Washers

History of Old Dominion

Old Dominion was established 18 years ago to supply crushing and screening equipment and parts to the quarry, mining and mineral processing marketplace. They became an EIW equipment dealer in mid-2020 after identifying a need in their market for a good washing and classifying line that was represented locally by a dealer that understands the equipment and process.

"It fills a very important gap that we had in our business plan, and we’re very proud to be the dealer of the best known equipment in the industry," Trevvett said. "Eagle is the household name of wash equipment in the industry."

Founded by Greg Donecker and Miller Trevvett, both with decades of experience in equipment and parts sales, service and plant design, Old Dominion team knows more than a thing or two about aggregate equipment and processing aggregate materials. In fact, Trevvett said their experience working from the production side is what makes Old Dominion stand out.

"We're not just schoolkid salespeople, we come from the industry – this is all we know,” Trevvett said. “When someone wants to wash sand, we know how to do that. We come from a working end. We understand what it takes to be successful in our customers' business."

Services offered

Old Dominion designs, engineers, fabricates and erects sand and gravel or stone crushing and screening circuits and conveyor systems. On the washing and classifying side, Old Dominion represents EIW’s entire line of equipment, including:

Attrition Scrubbers

Attrition Scrubbers from EIW provide high-intensity grain-on-grain scrubbing to clean material. This scrubbing is facilitated by turbine propellers that move the material from cell to cell within the machine.

Classifying Tanks

EIW Classifying Tanks remove excess water and slimes from aggregate feeds, and they can create multiple specification products from a single feed. Producing a reliably consistent product, EIW Classifying Tanks are effective, low-maintenance machines that excel at handling gradation swings while minimizing waste.

Coarse Material Washers

Coarse Material Washers from EIW provide light to moderate scrubbing of aggregate materials to remove clays, crusher dust and coatings to create a clean final product. EIW Coarse Material Washers are available in either Classic or CONDOR models.

Dewatering Screens

Dewatering Screens, the latest product in EIW's equipment line, put the finishing touch on a partially dewatered product. They can fit under any manufacturer's screw washer or can be paired with the EIW Fine Material Washer to create the Eagle+ system.

Fine Material Washers

Fine Material Washers from EIW offer three main functions: washing, classifying and dewatering aggregate material. Fine Material Washers from EIW are also available in CONDOR models with Dodge gear reducers.

Log Washers

EIW Log Washers provide heavy-duty scrubbing to remove tough, high-plasticity clays from aggregate material. They feature oversized corrugated paddles to maximize rock-on-rock scrubbing and break down clay and other soft deleterious material.

Pug Mill Mixers

Pug Mill Mixers from EIW are used for preparing road base material, mixing reagents with contaminated earth, in cold-mix and hot-mix asphalt plants, and to pug neutralizing agents into flue gas desulfurization byproducts. These heavy-duty machines are built with a sturdy box construction and contain abrasion-resistant Eagle Armor mixing paddles.

Sol-Clay Washers

EIW Sol-Clay Washers provide medium-duty scrubbing between that of a Coarse Material Washer and a Log Washer. They are ideal for removing large amounts of stubborn, soluble clays, as well as crusher dust and coatings.

More than just an equipment supplier, Old Dominion partners with their customers through every step of the process, from planning and execution through start-up and beyond. In addition to providing aggregate processing equipment, Old Dominion has full-time service technicians, for maintenance and emergency calls. Old Dominion Equipment and Supply also has parts in stock with an experienced parts team to get producers what they need to stay in production.

Contact information

For more information on Old Dominion Equipment and Supply, visit Contact their sales office at the phone number or email address located below to order parts and equipment and to inquire about service/assistance.

Sales Office